What Hypnotherapy Can Do For Your Mind

Hypnotherapy is a natural and easy method that uses specific guided relation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state within trance states of awareness known as hypnosis. Studies depict how hypnotherapy can promote healthy positive behaviour.

At Mind Dynamics, we have specialized hypnotherapy techniques to achieve a balanced, optimum mental, emotional and physical health. We utilize the merged disciplines of hypnosis, life coaching and word programming to assist individuals and their families to attain their desired lifestyles and their full potential.

Hypnotherapy covers a great deal of services as I am sure you can imagine. However certain hypnotists specialize in certain area’s. Although Marietta is more than capable of being successful in a number of fields. These are the services she excels in:

Our hypnotherapy services support your focus on positive healthy changes. We are there to assist all our clients with time tested hypnosis tools and fundamental practices resulting in the balanced lifestyle they are looking for.

Over and above hypnotherapy Marietta also offers Couple Counseling

I am usually fully booked so contact me early for an appointment.