How hypnosis can help you overcome your phobias

Mind Dinamics is equipped to assist with advanced and dynamic techniques. This includes the extensive use of Neurogenesis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Hypnosis, Neuroplasty and psychology.

Hypnosis can provide effective cures for detaching the trigger object from the emotional response, and subsequently reprogramming the mind with a new and more realistic response to the stimulus. Mind Dinamics has the ability to redirect objectives and thoughts across all spectrums of life which can include areas such as health, business, personal and educational needs.

Phobias can be described as an excessive and irrational fear reaction. This causes an individual to experience significant panic and is generally connected to a form of fear through objects, environments and other triggers.
These phobias can be treated through professional mental health therapy to assist in managing the reactions. The process of hypnosis requires significant connection between the mind and body, which then is translated into a higher sense of responsiveness from the hypnotherapist. New strategies and mechanisms are explained to the patient to become more receptive of their behaviours.

The patient remains consciously aware throughout the hypnotic state; the hypnotherapist will verbally repeat the important components of the new strategy to deal with the phobia. Visualisation can also be a strategy to reinforce the new behaviour to associate positivity with the new actions in accordance with the phobia.
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