Why hypnosis is better than medication

Modern medicine has its place in the world as the sword and shield against many illnesses and diseases, but many people have lost sight of what ‘eastern/oriental’ or traditional/alternative forms of medical treatment can do for us. Practices such as hypnosis and reiki that humans have been using since the dawn of our species are often overlooked due to a lack of in-depth scientific results to back up their effectiveness.

Understanding the difference between hypnosis and medication

The key to understanding the difference between hypnosis and medication is in knowing what each treatment aims to accomplish. Medication tackles specific symptoms for quick relief in the hope that the elimination of individual symptoms will also eliminate the sickness itself.

Because of this, patients often find themselves having to ingest various kinds of medication. This can lead to harsh side effects because the pills do more than just soothe your symptoms. For mental illnesses and ailments, medication can do more harm than good.

This is where hypnosis trumps medication. Hypnosis is the practice of tackling an ailment in a holistic manner. It involves inducing hypnotic states in patients to get to the root of whatever problems they’re facing before using several techniques to reprogram your subconscious. This helps to change certain behaviours and perceptions that have been wired into your subconscious to tackle the causes of mental ailments.

Mind Dinamics founder Marietta Hindy, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy, helps her patients eliminate undesirable programmes in the subconscious, such as phobia and addiction, and replace them with desirable programmes. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!


Why choose hypnosis over medication?

It all comes down to what you or a loved one is suffering from. Mental ailments that are deep-seated in your subconscious can’t be cured using medication; while physical symptoms can be soothed, medication won’t help you overcome your issue. If you need help determining whether hypnosis is a good fit for you or not, get in touch and we’ll assist you!

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